It’s Star Wars week! And as expected, we get to see the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. The trailer is had so many scenes and that there’s so much information going on, so we break it down and tall you our thoughts about it. Here we go:

Rey’s Jedi Training

So you immediately pick up in the moment after episode 7 ends. The Star Wars director said that they meant to do that but these scenes does jump forward just a little bit to when Rey begins her training with Luke.

Luke teaches Rey some basic Jedi skills “listen, breathe, hear what the force is telling you.” There are also a lot of scenes of the island so it seems that the first act of the movie will revolve around Rey’s training in the island.

Balance of light and dark

I really like how Rey said that she sees both light and darkness. When Rey stated light, the trailer goes to a shot of leia on what seemed like a battle planning, and darkness that pans to a shot of Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet. The scene and dialog also gives a nod to the gray Jedi’s in the animated series although it might be hard to introduce them in the movie as there are already so many things going on.

Old Books

This scene may be just a random pile of highlighted books, but we think that there’s so much more to it. It seems that this is actually a part of the temple that Luke was searching for. They are actually searching for the origins of the force. It’s like an expedition to find the original holy book that dictates your religion. Just like the bible, what they have now is just some copy that has been tampered and edited with. That’s the problem with the force right now, and that this might be the true meaning of what Luke stated in the end.

We think that Luke meant on “The Jedi must end”, is that it must end because their doctrine is just a copy of a copy passed and revised a lot of times and that things have been lost in the translation. Thus, the have to get back to their root of origins with the original doctrines of the force.

It also supports Rey’s “Light and Darkness” quote, too. It’s like they are revising the main idea of the force between the light side and the dark side.

Space battles!

We get a sneak peek on the battle between the resistance and the first order. The image above is a battle in a mars-like planet that contains red soil.

There are also a lot of redesigns going on. There are new walkers that they call “gorilla walkers” that’s basically a bigger and cooler version of a regular AT-AT. A lot of the battleship designs are changed but still managed to invoke the same feel of the old films.

Finn healing

This looks like a shot of Finn relatively early in the movie where he’s still recovering from the damage he had from Kylo Ren’s attacks. Remember that Kylo slashed Finn’s spine so it’s nice that they have shown a lot of effects to the ending of episode 7.

Poe and BB8

We also get a shot of the awesome pair Poe and BB8 wherein it looks like that they are under attack by the first order. This is expected as the First Order destroyed most of the bases of the New Republic, and even though they had their Starkiller destroyed, the galaxy is still in so much chaos after what happened.

So during Rey’s training with Luke, expect the First Order to be making moves throughout the galaxy, invading them one by one and the resistance fighting for freedom.

Kylo Ren

We also get to see the helmetless Kylo Ren. You can also see the scar running down his face which is the result of his fight between Rey that happened last episode. We also saw his smashed helmet earlier so we may get to see him without his helmet all throughout the movie. He might get another version but we think that the purpose of the helmet in the previous episode is that we’ll have a big reveal on whose under it, so ditching the helmet after the reveal is the most simple way.

And that’s pretty much it. Think we miss anything? Let us know it the comments section below. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to hit the theaters December 15.


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