We’ve been through this, girls and boys. Online shopping has become one of the most convenient manmade marvels of the century. Just tap and input your payment details and you’ll receive your goodies in no time. Once you get the box, the thrill begins. Will it be the same thing I saw on the photo? Will it be smaller or bigger than I expected? Will it match my denim jacket? Same.

I’ve only ever shopped for makeup online because swatches are easy to find on the internet, you know, the product on actual skin. But for apparel and bags, sometimes they just give you a sample on a model – and that’s just one size and one outfit. Oh my what a disaster – what if the bag doesn’t match the clothes you already have?

Google Images has devised a tool to end your shopping woes!

Here’s Google Style Ideas – an upgrade on the usual image search.


It’s simple, really. Type in the item you’re eyeing and it will give you not only pictures of it but varying photos of what the item actually looks like when worn.

Google Style Ideas isn’t really build just for online shopping. This tool can also give you fashion and style mood boards too. It gives you many options on how to mix and match with the item you want.

The tool also suggests similar items you might be interested in. Besides, you’re already shopping for something, why not add one more? Just kidding, save up for it first.

So yeah, it’s almost like Google and Pinterest had a baby.

Google Style Ideas is only initially available on the Google Android app and mobile web. I tried it on my iPhone earlier but to no avail. Let’s get going, Google Philippines! Super excited for this already!


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