Animals are calming. Nature is calming. And so is yoga. So it’s just right someone brought ‘em all together for a nice peaceful experience.

This is just your usual yoga except baby goats will hop on your back every now and then. Several goat yoga instructors are taken aback with the number of responses they got during the sign ups. It seems like a lot of people have taken a liking to the idea of animals helping out with one’s mental and spiritual health.

Lainey Morse, who has introduced goat yoga in Oregon has brought many positive responses on this. She and her participants believe that goat yoga helps people cope with many mental health problems brought about by major sicknesses and extreme experiences.

While it may take a while for us to find baby goats willing to be yoga partners here in the Philippines, I personally think it’s a nice thing to try. If you’re an animal lover, you know for sure that being with adorable animals instantly brightens up one’s day.

Animals have been an essential part in therapy for some people, giving them instant happiness and the feeling of comfort. It’s no surprise that goat yoga does the same.


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