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Instagram Rolls Out Pinterest-Like Feature Called “Collections”

Whoa! Instagram Is Trying To Be Pinterest Too?

Instagram wants you to move your mood boards to their turf.

If the app didn’t begin as something very revolutionary, people now would think that Instagram has one goal all along: to be a Frankensteinian app that would rule all visual platforms. And before I even finish this paragraph, it’s already happening.

Following a number of unabashed duplicates of features from other visual platforms including Snapchat, Instagram is rolling out a feature that looks an awful lot like Pinterest.

The update enables users to create multiple collections of posts they saved. Saving posts had been active since December, a feature that, at least makes perfect sense for Instagram. It has always been a very visual platform, and having a stream of posts that inspire you creatively is a sensible feature to add to their roster. Grouping it a la Pinterest adds another layer to the feature, although given Instagram’s rough history, pushing a well-meant feature like this one feels suspiciously more of a rip-off.

Here’s why I think it’s not. For now, the collections are private. You cannot follow other people’s board, and that, I think speaks to Instagram’s intentions. For now.


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