The new Sigma Titanium Makeup Brushes were developed with their double-threaded system that is designed to make the bristles last for a long, long time.

They just changed the game for makeup brushes. All hail.

These brushes are also waterproof made with their ‘trusted SigmaAlloy™ ferrules and solid polymer-based handles’. This means little to no damage on these babies while you clean them. These brushes will not give up on you. They will not let you down. They will not run around and desert you.

We can already tell this is going to be a hit product because Sigma truly does not disappoint. They are a brand known for their top-of-the-line makeup brushes that have been the first choice among famous personalities in the beauty world.

The Breakdown

Brushes Included: The new line includes 12 brushes, complete for a whole look. No news yet whether they will be releasing the brushes individually. Here are the brushes:

E05 Eye Liner
E30 Pencil
E40 Tapered Blending
E55 Eye Shading
E60 Large Shader
E65 Small Angle
E70 Medium Angled Shading
F30 Large Powder
F40 Large Angled Contour
F50 Duo Fibre
F60 Foundation
F70 Concealer

Includes 5-Year Warranty: Sigma firmly believes in the importance of customer care and high quality products released through their line so this limited edition set comes with a 5-year warranty. Regular Sigma brushes already have a 2-year warranty but since this Titanium line was designed for ‘extreme strength and waterproof technology’ it was only right that they decide to extend it for 3 more years.

Price and Shipping: The Sigma Limited Edition Titanium Brush Set retails for $189. If you buy this set, you get free local and international shipping. Sigma also offers free international shipping on other orders worth over $150. Just in case you wanted to shop for something else.

Where to get it: It is currently available for sale through the official Sigma Beauty website.

Is it worth it?

Priced at $189, I would primarily recommend this set for the makeup professional and for those who have to put on a lot of makeup everyday. It’s built to last a good 3-4 years, I’m sure. They might even be better than MAC’s long lasting makeup brushes because of the new technology they built just for this set. If you use makeup on the daily or if you perform on stage regularly, this set is also is for you.

You might also be wondering why they didn’t include a lip brush. Personally, I don’t think it’s a problem. Their fine-ended brushes can double as a lip brush too, just make sure you regularly clean it since lipstick may stain and clump up and accumulate lots of bacteria if you don’t.

This brush set is probably my calling to go back to the stage life.

With that said, I should also grab a great red lipstick some time soon. Here’s my guide to the best cheap red lipsticks in town.


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