Feather brows are about to become a thing and I still don’t get it. People are pushing it to become the new everyday wearable brow trend while some feel it is only great for editorial concepts.For those who love it, they believe it may follow the bold ‘Instagram brow’ look because it seemed weird at first but still successfully became a trend.

What is it anyway?

The eyebrow look involves parting your eyebrow horizontally using clear glue, creating the feather’s rachis, and sweeping the brow hairs accordingly to mimic the vanes.

While I’m not going to go back this up with academic articles on sociology and trend studies, although tempting, I do think that we’re living in what seems like a ‘generation’ wrapped around the ‘modern and clean look’. The feather brows just seems a little too messy to be considered acceptable for every day.

Stella Sironen who created this was just joking around though when she said she was starting a new brow trend. Being a makeup enthusiast, Stella and other makeup personalities saw that this idea was only great for fashion and editorial concepts because of its rather messy and unkempt look.

An editorial take on the look

Despite creating a lot of ruckus online, many makeup artists did try to recreate the brow look alongside a face of makeup that complemented it. I think these look pretty nice

♥️♥️ Brows inspired by @stella.s.makeup

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Would you try these feather brows? For me, I might just stick with the blinding colored highlighter trend.


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