Facebook’s annual developer conference dubbed as F8 is underway. The keynote started off with the founder of Facebook making daddy jokes about the other F8 (The eight movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise).

Both events are sharing the same hashtags so you might be confused when you’re searching in social media platforms. But don’t fret, we’ve compiled everything Facebook announced in their annual keynote.

AR Studio

After the daddy jokes, Mark Zuckerberg moved on and started talking about Augmented Reality. He wanted to “extend the physical world online” and that his team is working on three important use cases for AR: the ability to display information, to add digital objects to real-world images and video, and to enhance existing objects.

With the use of a technology called as SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), the Facebook CEO showed a demo of the technology using a bowl of cereal. The breakfast meal quickly turned into a fun AR experience with sharks circling the bowl, and making it look like that table is water.

Zuckerberg noted that to have this kind of 3D objects, you will need some precise location tracking and that’s what the SLAM will offer for the new AR platform.

There’s also an Augmented Reality tool for Nike. The effects are fun and adds some cool visual effects like sweat and running gears. But for us, the coolest feature of the AR platform demo was the ability to add notes to everyday objects.

Image recognition

The next topic that the company talked about is all about the advancements of image recognition. Using a technology called Mask 4-CNN, Facebook can now draw a sharp mask around each object in an image, identify it, and even use some advanced deduction to tell you how it is posed and oriented.

The goal is to give everyone the option to one day remove objects entirely from an image without the need to use some advanced software.

Facebook Spaces

Going back to VR, Facebook unveiled their first social VR app dubbed as Spaces. The app brings all the people you are friends with in the social media and pulls you all in to the virtual world. This allows everyong to watch 360 videos together, play a virtual game night, or show off some cool images.

What’s better is that Spaces will launch in beta today and it will be available in the Oculus store.

Mesenger Platform 2.0

First, both popular music-streaming apps Spotify and Apple Music will be introduced in the platform. No more switching apps and pasting links, it will now offer native experiences that can also be used while using video chat.

They were also proud to announce that what started with 33,000 bots last September is now over 100,000 that gave a good problem and the idea of some kind of discovery feature.


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