Video games in a competitive setting or esports, will become a medal sport for the first time ever for the 2022 Asian Games. Announced by the Olympic Council of Asia, esports will appear as a demonstration event at the 2018 edition of the upcoming Asian Games to be held in Indonesia.

As a preview for the 2022 event, esports will also be contested at the upcoming Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Right now, only the game FIFA 2017 is confirmed to appear at the said event. But Dota 2 and League of Legends will mostly like follow in an announcement. Like the Pan-American Games, the Asian Games is a multi-sport competition, touted as second only to the Olympics in terms of size. 10,000 athletes participated at the most recent Asian Games in 2014.

There are still ongoing debates on whether esports should belong in the Olympic Games, and even similar events. But we’re happy that the competitive scene for video games are still alive and shining bright.



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