Julia Roberts has yet again graced the cover of PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman issue. It’s her fifth time already by the way. She first appeared on the cover back in 1991 when she was 23. 26 years after, at age 49, the actress is still glowing and going strong.

Blooming so beautifully in her career as an actress, her family life is one worth noting as well. Our Pretty Woman has been married for 14 years and is blessed with a son and twins.

Catherine Kast, PEOPLE editor, said in an interview that Julia Roberts is the kind of actress that she would be the first answer when you ask any person in your life ‘which celebrity they want to know more about’.

What does the Internet think about that?

If you search for the hashtag #MostBeautifulWoman on Twitter, this is the first tweet that pops up:

Also, this.

Truly, there are many beautiful women in the world that we cannot simply give this ‘award’. Many people on Twitter were giving their suggestions on who /should/ be named Most Beautiful, which for me is a very interesting event.

There are varying standards of beauty in the world. You can’t just name one and expect the whole world to abide by it. firmly believe that this award should go to a lot of other people in the world, our close friends and family members included.

This reminds me a lot of that Mean Girls scene where Cady was awarded Prom Queen but she proceeded to share her crown to the most beautiful women in her life.


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