Finally, cat shaped makeup and cat shaped kikay kits. There is definitely a God, everyone.

What’s in store?

For $85, you can buy the Paul & Joe Beauté Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection which features lipsticks shaped like cats with hats on them, a dainty floral vanity box, a cat-shaped kikay kit, and what looks like powder eyeshadows moulded into a cat shape. Wait a minute.


I have no idea how you’re supposed to put that on your eyelids but it’s one unique way to package makeup and we’re loving it.


The eyeshadow kit comes with 6 beautiful shades which you can mix and match in what looks like a ‘palette’. It also comes with a double-ended sponge applicator. From what I’m seeing, these look like they can double as face makeup too. Maybe use the pink and peach ones for blush or highlight!


The most interesting thing for me in this kit is the lipstick. Look at how much detail they put into it. It’s a cat with a hat! I don’t think I can destroy this. I’ll just leave it in the fridge and use a lip brush on the sides. I also feel that the application won’t be so great if you don’t use that lip brush.

This lipstick is in the shade Petite Princess, which is a coral almost pale color. The design is apparently from the 2012 Paul & Joe Spring collection

I also feel that the price is just right for a kit you can get a lot of stuff from. However, if you’re more concerned with the number of actual  makeup products you’re getting for $85 (~P4,250), it’s a steep price. You can still find it on the BeautyHabit website but it’s sold out right now and will only be coming back out by May 2!

Are there other cats?

Outside this makeup kit are more Paul & Joe Beauté cat cosmetics. They’ve also released limited edition lipstick in Persian Pink and Russian Blue which both have that signature cat face however without the hat.

This Persian Pink lip is a bright pink shade, almost like coral.

The Russian Blue lipstick is a curious one. According to the website, this lipstick’s base is actually pink and can compliment one’s own lip color. Perhaps it’s one of those color-changing lipsticks.

One lipstick is but a refill. It costs $20 on BeautyHabit and the case is actually sold separately

Here’s something I’m definitely not just going to stare at. This is their Limited Edition Face and Eye Color. They’re both subtle pink shimmers perfect for that summer glow. Use the shades individually or blend them all together for a beautiful highlight.

I personally prefer the Poupounette shade (Left in the photo) because it’s more versatile – it has more colors than the Mon Petite Chat shade which is primarily pink.

One Face and Eye Color is priced at $35 on BeautyHabit 

Are they available in the Philippines?

There are no Instagram shops yet offering this stunning kit however you can buy it on the BeautyHabit website since they do ship internationally.


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