Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a truly calming activity you can turn to when stressful events arise. The precision required to achieve a certain shape or form is said to help one’s focus. This is all true only if the template is simple enough for you to follow especially if you’re a beginner.

Personally, I make paper cranes whenever I feel anxious. With a lot of things in my mind during hard times, I have to find a way to just think of one. Origami helps a lot in concentration and focus so that I don’t make any impulse decisions. The finished product might not be perfect, but I do enjoy the process and the benefits it gives.

Small tip

Find an origami form that you really like and will memorize by heart. It will become your go-to when you need a focus boost! We don’t like additional stress brought about by paper folding so we’ll give you 5 templates and tutorials you can follow.


Making an origami box is one of the easiest ones to date. This is the first origami I did when I was a kid and I still remember how to do it. This is great because you can store your spare change or small things in it too.




It looks complicated but it really isn’t! When you’re done, you can add it as a dainty touch to your presents. O ‘di ba effort?


I like this one because it’s super simple, doesn’t need anything fancy, and you can glue it to your journal pages when you’ve run out of things to doodle! Full tutorial here.


Shirt out of money

This is for those times when you’re just too bored. Maybe you’re waiting in line for an interview or the collector in mass takes too long to reach your pew.

Book Corners

I know sometimes we just grab whatever it is on our desks and use that as a bookmark but there are these times when you’re feeling a little extra. Full tutorial here.


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