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Kriesha Chu the First Filipino K-Pop Idol Will Debut This May

Managed by talent agency Urban Works Entertainment, Kriesha Tiu has been preparing long and hard for her debut as K-Pop star Kriesha Chu.


After finishing second on K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance, a South Korean reality and talent search television show aired last 2016, she has received much good feedback from K-Pop personalities including JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young. Kriesha, during the show, has even chosen YG Entertainment, the same agency as Big Bang and iKON, as her training agency.

Manila Bulletin / SBS

Officially announced by her agency, she will definitely be debuting some time in May of this year making her the first Filipino K-Pop idol.

This just goes to show that Korean pop is actually a very diverse cultural phenomenon. We hear a lot about how K-Pop idols are not all Korean, but sometimes a mix of different nationalities all with the passion to perform. We have groups here in the Philippines inspired a lot by Korean pop culture and they use this as a great way to showcase their talents.

Kriesha, as she prepares for her debut, continues to be an inspiration to all Filipino performers because yep, it’s totally possible to succeed in what you love doing. (Oh and that it’s totally possible to meet your favorite K-pop idols too!)

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