Feather brows might not be your thing so here’s another crazy brow look you can try. They’re called ‘barbed wire’ brows and they look… strangely like organized mess. Actually, if you think about it, it looks like a short messy hairdo.


The look involves styling the brows with what looks like clear mascara to make them point in alternating directions. Words really can’t suffice so here’s what it looks like. Athena Paginton, who made the look, paired these crazy brows with simple eye makeup.

Barbed wire brow

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Sara Jean, another makeup artist on Instagram, tried on the barbed wire brows as well but with it with a glittery and glossy eye look.

This looks a lot better than the feather brows in my opinion. The style looks a good on people with both sparse and thick brows, unllike the feather brows that can only be achieved if you have a lot of brow hairs. Strangely enough, it looks a lot ‘neater’ but it still won’t make it to my list of ‘everyday makeup to try’ though. It’s looking like 2017 is a great year for going further out the box with makeup styles.


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