True especially in the Philippines, traffic is only half the battle. Our drivers, in addition to wasting away extra minutes on the road, are dealt with quite the unenviable dilemma: the difficulty of finding a proper parking space.

Google Maps brings hope, with its new update promising an extensive set of features that help users scrape parking information near a specific area. The current version of Google Maps (v9.51, at the time of this writing) gives the user information about whether there is on-site location and whether it is free or paid.

Google has added some form of measuring feature that indicates how difficult the parking situation in a specific place. Parking spaces may be indicated “easy”, “medium”, “difficult”, and “on-site”.

According to Android Police, there is also another feature that Google is currently working on. Google appears to be developing a feature that enables users to find parking lots near the area. In addition to the user’s destination location, Google can also remember which parking lot you choose to park in, and give you calculated routes based on your choice(s).

Well played, Google. Keep it up.


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