Disney fans, let us sing the song of our people and rejoice. Disney just announced the release dates for four movies! With the amazing line up Disney had last year and early this year, I highly doubt we will be disappointed this time around.

All dates are US release dates, but I don’t mind because it doesn’t take too long for Disney songs to reach our country anyway.

Frozen 2

Get excited, Frozen fans. The popular take on Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’ will be having a sequel. If you’re expecting a really creative sequel title, well you’ll be disappointed. It’s just Frozen 2. But that’s okay as long as the songs are just as beautiful.

Frozen is set to premiere on November 27, 2019.

Lion King

Lion King, on the other hand, does not get an additional chapter. On July 19, 2019, a Lion King live action remake will wow us all in theatres. The remake will be directed by Jon Favreau, the same man behind the magnificent The Jungle Book.

This for me is such wonderful news because Lion King has always been one of the classics. Along with this, I also can’t wait for the Lion King musical to arrive here in Manila.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck-It Ralph will also receive a sequel entitled ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ and it looks as exciting and adorable as the two main characters, Ralph and Vanellope. This sequel will be in theatres by November 21, 2018.



Disney is known to make their own versions of popular children’s tales. One of the popular ones we know of is Rapunzel remade into the comedic yet heartwarming Tangled. This time around, Disney will amaze us all with their rendition of the classic Jack in the Beanstalk called ‘Gigantic’.


Producers have revealed they will be taking Tangled as their inspiration for this film. Gigantic is set to release on November 25, 2020.


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