Disney designed their very own Makeup Lamps Technology and it applies makeup on your face without makeup. What it does is it uses a set of lamps to project different looks on one’s bare face. It makes use of augmented reality, kind of like Snapchat filters and masks, as reported in Teen Vogue.

But unlike Snapchat filters that do not really take into account your varying facial movements, the Makeup Lamps Technology accurately follows you and your facial expressions, including your eyebrow movements. It can also detect changes in light and shadows.

Makeup looks through this can range from clown-like and very expressive makeup to natural looking wrinkles just enhanced a little further. The Makeup Lamps can also follow very fast facial expressions, making it perfectly sync with an actor’s varying and rather exaggerated movements.

The purpose of this technology was not explicitly stated but we are thinking it might be used for stage and live performances in Disney and soon for outside productions.

By the way, if you find yourself in Los Angeles and you want to see how Disneyland does their live performances, go watch Disney’s Frozen Live at the Hyperion. It is spectacular and will make you cry buckets. Go do it.


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