Loving arts and crafts and being a hoarder isn’t actually one of the greatest combinations. I have to deal with tons of paper and pens, nibs that sometimes get lost, and containers of ink you have to store properly. Being in the creatives industry, I also have a lot of wires and gadgets I need to clean up so they don’t get tangled and end up broken.

Pinterest tutorials have really helped me get organized a bit because of their simplicity and how quick they all are. Here are 5 of my favorites because let’s face it, who has time for more?

Washi Tape Labels

I use brightly colored washi tapes for this, and a different one per cable too. If you don’t have washi tape, you can just use plain old white masking tape and label them with different colored pens.


Full tutorial

Brush and Pen Organizer From Paper Towel Tubes

This one’s a savior when you have a ton of pens you need to organize by color or brand, and if you simultaneously have too many everyday makeup brushes. All you need are paper towel tubes, bit of decorative paper, and a strong glue to place them on a base.


Full tutorial

Dry Erase Board and Tray Using a Picture Frame

Okay so this might not be the safest and simplest thing to do at home but I got the idea from this video. It uses the glass side of a picture frame as a whiteboard so you can easily write your to do list or reminders with a whiteboard marker. Honestly, you can just put some colored paper where the photo’s supposed to go and you’re good! But you know if you want to light stuff up like in the video, just keep safe.

Use Printables

Frustrated artist and can’t decorate things for your life? I was that once. Don’t fret though, free printables are available online so you can use those instead. Mix up different printables and stick them on your wall or table using washi tape or just regular tape.

Get it here! Or look for more on Pinterest, yay!

Origami Boxes

I found that origami boxes are a great way to organize your small stuff. I keep a really tiny origami box to hold all my calligraphy nibs. Here’s a tutorial with more than 3 million views because that’s how many people want to learn how to make boxes.

Had fun? Try new origami. We listed some of our favorites here! We’re bad at motor movement so you know we picked the easiest ones.


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