YouTube is fast becoming the go-to site for all-things-entertainment. For these sprightly, hyper-talented Pinoys, the word “YouTuber” is not simply a word they add to their social bios, but a legitimate career that helps them make a living out of entertaining people. Here are ten YouTubers that are supremely binge-worthy.

Anne Clutz

Known for her in-depth beauty reviews and guides, Anne Clutz lives a life no different from the typical Filipina. There is plenty of valuable content to go around, including beauty tutorials, lifestyle guides, and cheap gems she finds in Divisoria.

Ate Charon

Allan Soriano’s widely popular vlog, AC’s Life, is the wackiest I’ve watched in quite a while. In truth, Ate Charon doesn’t need an introduction by way of words, so here’s a video instead. See you on the dark side.

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is a force. If ever you’re having a downer of a day, Bretman’s videos—which are perfect amalgamations of glam, rock, and a bit of sass—will sure to uplift you immediately.

Camie Juan

Camie’s lifestyle vlogs are a dear to watch. This is in part because of her bubbly personality, optimistic perspective, and supreme eye for style.

Cong T.V.

Cong T.V. turns FlipTop and stand-up comedy on its heads. Cong’s videos are sharp, crisply edited sets based on one theme every video. The result? Hours after hours of laugh-out-loud fun.

Erwan Heusaff

Erwan’s brand has always been about championing health and fitness, so expect plenty of food videos, tutorials, and more. He also vlogs, so there’s that. But I don’t have to convince you; you’re probably subscribed to him anyway.

Janina Vela

Janina Vela is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Philippines, and it’s easy to see why. She documents pretty much everything significant that happens in her life, making her videos something of a peep hole for her fans trying to live vicariously through her glamorous life.

Lloyd Cadena

Many of Lloyd’s videos go viral, but few people know that he’s producing content on the regular—and they’re missing quite a lot. Just check out this video.

Mikey Bustos

Mikey can be considered as one of the O.G. Pinoy YouTubers. He recently tried his hand at vlogging and the world was instantaneously better off for it, what with his pitch-perfect witticisms.

Wil Dasovich

Wil’s infectious energy is an entirely different high. His circle of friends, which he calls the “vlogsquad” are great, too, but it’s mostly his all-smiles and ultra-optimistic view in life that has you clicking on the Wil Dasovich video, and the next…then the next…and then…you’ve spent hours and it was worth it.


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