Pope Francis just gave one of the most heartwarming TED talks ever. He talks a lot about the importance of being together for the future and working as one because truly, no man is an island.

Coming from a family of migrants, he instantly found thought of the sufferings many migrants today experience, those devoid of shelter and a place they can finally call home. He remembers one parable, the one of the Good Samaritan, and that this story is the story of humanity today.

“We have so much to do and we must do it together.”

He gives importance to love for the other. We must see people as people, as faces, and we must take care of each and every one of us.

He says that the name of the future is Hope. Hope is a heart that does not dwell on the past, does not just ride with what’s happening in today’s time, but is ‘able to see a tomorrow’. When we hope and work towards a bright future, we become light, and others will then follow suit.

Pope Francis, in this TED talk, says hope does not start with an ‘us’. Hope starts with one.


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