The best thing about Instagram is that I get to follow my favorite Korean drama actors and watch them laugh their hearts out on their Instagram stories. I love how candid they can be, as opposed to their roles in their hit dramas and during interviews.

Here are my favorite Korean actors to follow and hopefully it will help you out as well while you’re over there trying to figure out what Nam Joo Hyuk’s handle is.

Lee Joon Gi (@actor_jg

Known for his role as Wang So in the heartbreaking Korean version of Scarlet Heart, Lee Joon Gi is actually a really soft cinnamon roll in real life. He posts a lot about his fans and his international concerts and meets on his Instagram so go check him out!

Yun Kyun Sang (@yunkyunsang

Yun Kyun Sang’s most dramas are Pinocchio and Doctors, which is probably the reason why you’re wondering why you recognize him but you don’t really know where he’s from. I love his Instagram because it’s either his selfies or his cats. Recently, he’s been posting a lot of selfies with his co-actors in his current drama, Rebel.

Park Hyung Sik (@phs1116

Park Hyung Sik rose to fame after landing the main role in Hwarang and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He’s a selfie guy as well, and loves to show the places he’s been to.

Kim Ji Soo (@actor_jisoo

We just love how quirky and flawless he is! Aside from photos from his fan events and selfies while filming, he also posts sneak peaks of his current promotions and dramas.

Nam Joo Hyuk (@skawngur

I’d like to think there’s not Kim Ji Soo without a Nam Joo Hyuk so I included him as well here. He posts his dogs too, two adorable poodle puppers that will melt your heart. Watch out for Lee Sung Kyung photos now that they’re official!

Lee Sung Kyung (@heybiblee

If you’re wondering why that’s her handle, the word ‘Bible’ is Sung Kyung in Korean. Her Instagram is a bunch of soft pastel tones and magazine worthy photos because she is just that gorgeous.

Jang Mi Kwan (@rosei_j

Jang Mi Kwan plays the psychotic villain in the recently completed drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He immediately got a lot of fans from that role because even if he does play a crazy villain who kidnaps woman for fun, he revealed in an interview that he just ‘plain and boring’ in real life. Fans think that bod isn’t plain and boring though.

Kim Soo Hyun (@soohyun_k216

Although Kim Soo Hyun rarely posts, he does give his fans previews of his current projects every now and then. Just remember that if you’re sad, you can always bask in the glory that is Kim Soo Hyun’s flawless complexion.

Lee Jong Suk (@jongsuk0206

Jong Suk is one of the more active ones on Instagram. He almost looks like he’s not strict with the photos he posts because it can range really from close ups of kittens to his friends randomly singing.

Park Shin Hye (@ssinz7

Park Shin Hye is very unique on Instagram. She posts the current things she’s loving and her most favorite song at the moment. Oh and her pet cat is the fluffiest!


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