The iPhone that supposedly will revolutionize the iPhone (again) is problematic. Past the numerous production delays, back-and-forths with promised features, and the indecision as to what the phone will even be called—is it going to be iPhone 8? iPhone 10? iPhone X? We need answers!—the very idea of a “revolutionary” iPhone seems reasonably far-fetched, at least to us.

New leaks have rolled out via Instagram user @venyageskin1, showing a host of new hardware including a vertical dual camera system and a missing home button. Check out Benjamin Geskin’s renders.

Geskin also shared a detailed outline of the alleged schematics of the new iPhone. If the leaks are to be trusted—and they shouldn’t be, at least not completely—it looks like Apple is moving forward with the vertical dual camera system. How this will affect the photographing experience on the iPhone, I’m excited to see. I’m also curious to see how VR comes into play.

The new phone is expected to feature an edge-to-edge curved OLED display. 9to5Mac, however, reports that the new iPhone’s “curves” will be much gentler, and will provide no new features at the moment.

Apple promises a proper release for the new iPhone later this year. Are you going to get it?


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