I’ve got to break it to you, the new Cars 3 trailer is almost like a Pixar short already. Cars 3: One Last Chance One More Dream shows Lightning McQueen after his brightest years. His legacy almost seems like it changed history and now it’s about to get more difficult.

When you reach the big leagues, the only way to go is up. A major crash like the previous trailers have shown really kicked Lightning out of his place and it’s up to him to decide how to rise back up.

This trailer, although it showed almost 80% of the film, was inspiring. We saw him struggle, fall, and get back up right then and there. But he teaches us that getting back up takes a lot of willingness and hefty amount of courage.

Watch the trailer here:

Cars 3 is set to premiere in US theatres on June 16 of this year, and on August 23 for the Philippines.


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