Rose Quartz might be last year’s color of the year, but it’s topping this year’s nail art trends. Quartz Nails are wearable enough for everyday and won’t pose a problem if you have a job interview in the morning and a formal event at night. They’re classy and dainty and anyone can pull it off.

When you go for gel nails, the most annoying thing really is not being able to take it off yourself. You just have to go for everyday-friendly natural nail looks so you won’t be so conscious of them being appropriate enough for both work and play. That’s exactly what makes the Rose Quartz nails the perfect look.

This nail art can also be achieved by using ordinary nail polish. So no, you don’t have to spend a lot on gel nails just to get this look. Using usual nail polish, the Rose Quartz design is done by layering semi-transparent pale pink and white polish one after the other. Here’s a tutorial that’s easy enough so you can do it at home.

Rose Quartz nails are also great for both long and short nail lengths being that it’s almost like a simple variation from the solid pale pink nail look. However, I would say it looks best using a pale pink base rather than a bright pink one. I’m also totally loving the little jewel additions to give that beautiful geode look.

Pink Quartz nails 😻|| nails by @alexenails

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Rose Quartz / Himalayan Salt nails!!! Love this design! 💅🏼

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『 #ローズクォーツネイル 』 ずっとやってみたくて色々な方のを参考にしたり、素敵ネイルの @mii_98163 さんにお聞きしたけれど、どうも上手くいかない( ̄∇ ̄) 自分なりのやり方を見つけなければ!と試行錯誤の末、何とか完成。 親指はローズクォーツのグラデにしてみました。 #サンドジェムネイル のビーチを合わせたら、朝焼けの海みたい~♪(と、勝手に思っている) #ローズクォーツ #天然石ネイル #天然石風ネイル #宝石ネイル #tmサンドジェムネイル #海ネイル #夏ネイル #プチプラネイル #オーロラネイル #100均ネイル #セルフネイル #美甲 #指甲柚 #selfnails #nailart #summernails #rosequartz #rosequartznails 2016.5.21

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