I’m among the few who will admit that they liked Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows. Past the iffy scriptwriting and the many (I mean, many) butt shots, that film is a taut shark thriller that doubles as an inquisitive man-vs.-nature drama in irrevocably techno-anxious times.

This partly eases my fears for 42 Meters Down, a new shark movie starring Mandy Moore and directed by Johannes Roberts. The hook: what if your shark cage sinks a few meters under the sea? It is, at this point, that we see Mandy Moore’s character freak out as one would, being that their only lifeline is the oxygen tank that came with their ostensibly “super safe” dip in a shark pen.

Check out the trailer in full after the bump. Beware, though: there are plenty of sharks. Terrible CGI ones.

42 Meters Down is expecting a wide release on June 18 this year.


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