Siri may be lagging behind the AI assistant game with the advancements of both Alexa and Google Assistant, but she delivered when it mattered the most, according to a trio of Florida fishermen.

After battling the rough and merciless seas this weekend while fishing four miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, the fishing boat began taking on water in the rough seas. While the fishermen put on their life jackets, the boat began to sink. Cold, wet, and unable to use the touchscreen to call 911, the men instead relied on Siri to make the call for them.

Once the emergency service call was able to push through, a coast guard chopper found the sinking ship and immediately dropped a diver to help them while waiting for the main rescuers to arrive. For their part, the fishermen commended Apples AI assistant for saving each of their lives.

Take down notes, Google and Alexa.


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