This new makeup trend turns your face into a blooming garden perfect for springtime. For this one time, let’s just pretend our plants outside aren’t wilting in the heat. This look is definitely not for everyday unless you want it to be and I’m not going to stop you. However, it does take quite the talent and hard work for you to achieve this look

The ‘terrarium makeup look’ uses bold eyeshadow colors all over your lid with glittery pigments scattered all around. Floral sequins and large glitter pieces are glued too almost as if you’re doing a fairy inspired makeup look. The placement of small artificial flower and stem pieces is what creates that garden fairy look and I really like how crazy you can be with these.

19-year-old self-taught makeup artist Ellie Costello took to Instagram to share her looks and they are beyond stunning! At first, they look a lot like messy paint splatters but she continued experimenting with artificial flowers to create more dainty and simple looks you can easily recreate. She is known for creating artistic makeup looks that are awe-inspiring. You’ll want to spend your day just browsing through her Instagram feed.

🌿enchanted forest🌿 a closer look at yesterday’s look

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