Here is a list of my five summer must-haves because weather reports say the temperature in the Philippines is about to rise to 40 degrees very soon. Unbelievable. Get hydrated and replenished regularly and leave that hoodie behind.

Light and Flowy Cardigan or Kimono

One thing I learned from commuting from the North to the South then walking to work is that one must be prepared for sudden temperature changes. And I don’t just mean the temperature from outside to inside the office, I mean sudden rains. This is why I always keep a light cardigan in my bag. It’s light enough to wear under the sun, and flowy enough to wrap around myself when it gets cold. If you’re not fond of cardigans, light kimonos are good too.


Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops

I am a fan of oversized sweaters and thick hoodies because they save my life when I’m running out of things to wear. Throw on a jacket and some jeans and I’ll just do my makeup so I don’t look like I’ve given up altogether. But unless I’m inside the office, no more hoodies and jackets for me this season.


Now when I don’t know what to wear, I just reach for a spaghetti strap tank top and some jeans or a bandage skirt. Fool-proof combination. I used to pass on these because I was so insecure of how much skin it shows but I really think anyone can pull this off as long as they’re confident! Go get it, girl!

Props to these because you can either save or splurge with them. You can get super cheap ones in bazaars and at your nearest tiangge, but you can also get them in boutiques and high-end shops.

White Sneakers

After I left my white sneakers abroad because they have served their purpose for a long, long time, I found myself empty inside. Just kidding, there’s a lot more to life than white sneakers. But wait, eto. Though it’s super hot outside and getting off the UV to walk to work is a pain, good comfortable sneakers will kind of help you out. It gets me walking comfortably (or running so I can finally get to the office and bask in the glory of air conditioning).


It really doesn’t matter which brand of sneakers you get as long as you can walk comfortably in them. I personally prefer white Keds because they go well with everything.

Water Bottle

I would suggest a thermal water bottle so you have cold water all day everyday but they can get expensive and heavy. Any water bottle is fine as long as it has water, tbh! It is so so so important to replenish regularly because getting dehydrated is the last thing you would want to experience. Drink lots of water, everyone! It hydrates your skin too helping you achieve that beautiful glow, AND (whispers) it’s my secret to great singing.


Lip Balm

Dry and flaky lips often end up cracking and bleeding. Worst feeling ever! Save your lips from that by getting a really good lip balm. Some lip balms are actually just glossy balms and don’t really do anything to hydrate your lips. I use the Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy because they leave my lips feeling smooth and plump. But since it’s not readily availably in stores here in the Philippines (why!!), check out my favorite ones!

Vaseline US


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