Big and scary. That’s what it’s all about, right? We love looking at giant movie monsters because they’re one hell of a thing if it really happened. They were made for the scary kid inside of us. And with 2017’s entertainment titles, it sure is exciting. Here are our list of the scariest monsters for this year.

Winslow – The Walking Dead

The seventh season of the Walking Dead introduced us to Jadis and her group of people that looked like scavengers. They relied on the junkyard to create giant walls to keep themselves safe from the walkiers. That part was weird enough, but surprise, they also have their own pet zombie called Winslow.

In an episode of the series, Rick wanted to gain the trust of Jadis and her group so he could get help from them to kill Negan. So he went on an ordeal and fought Winslow. Problem was, the undead beast had a dangerous helmet that was reinforced by the metal from a gas tank and it’s den was a pit full of spikes. Rick managed to survive, but hell, that was some scary sh*t.

Pennywise – IT

Children of both the 80’s and the 90’s who watched the first iteration of Stephen King’s IT will no doubt remember the eerie, sickening feeling that washed over them whenever Pennywise the Clown shows up to torture all the Derry kids repeatedly. What’s worse than that is that it will have it’s own revival movie. Imagine our technology to make movies more realistic and the horrors that we got from our childhood combined? Well, goodluck to all of us who’re still going to watch it anyway.

Giant Lizard – Kong: Skull Island

To describe the enemy in Kong: Skull Island, it’s Tongues, Teeth, Velociraptor-like scream. And that’s the perfect recipe for absolute disaster. Kong: Skull Island’s Skullcrawlers gave a new meaning to the concept of apex predator. It was really exciting how the movie built up the hype of the Giant Lizard before fully showing it right before our eyes at the end.

Octo-beast – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Not really that scary because the movie is all about fun and space. But thanks to movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans, we’ve already been introduced to a fair share of scary Kraken-like beasts in the movie world. You may had fun watching the Guardians of the Galaxy beat the ass of the octo-beast in the opening scene of the movie. But keep in mind of what it looked like when Drax courageously leaped in to take on the creature. It had another layer of gums to eat him up. Nope. No, thank you.

Aliens – Alien: Covenant

The aliens that have tormented each and everyone of us for decades on end have returned all thanks to Ridley Scott and the movie Alien: Covenant. The visual material from this movie so far indicates that a lot of what we’ll see in the flick will hearken back to imagery we’ve seen of these species before, but there’s also some menacing new material at play, too. Now we’re more scared to explore what’s out there. What did we do to deserve this?


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