Topshop’s Transparent Plastic Jeans are sold out when you visit the Topshop online shopping page. Seriously, we checked. The MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans priced at $55 has gone out of stock online. So if you’re one of the lucky citizens of the world to have purchased them, here’s  how to wear it.


Let me just rant out my feelings first.

I’m so confused and quite possibly done. I use my mornings to catch up on the latest fashion news in and around the Philippines and I wake up to this – transparent plastic jeans from Topshop. Completely see-through from waist down and absolutely no use on their own, I swear. Honestly, Topshop’s not my first choice when I go shopping and whenever I do go, I don’t have much negative things to say about it. Except for this one time, really. I let the transparent knee jeans go because they kind of look okay but now I’m just thinking of the practical use of clear plastic pants.

But they still look too uncomfortable for my life though.

However, let’s list down some possible uses for these.

You may think that the Topshop clear jeans are useless beyond compare but I would love to give them a chance since whoever designed this probably had some ideas in mind.

Shorts underneath

The Topshop website’s model for these jeans wears them with what looks like black gym shorts underneath. If you can pull this off, why not? This is a statement piece after all and might just guest star in a red-carpet event, who knows.

With leggings underneath to protect them from the elements

While on Google Images to search for how people actually wore these jeans, I came across a really nice rain poncho that actually looked okay over a dainty dress. I figured maybe the clear jeans are supposed to protect your leggings from the elements.



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