Ever wonder why Facebook earns a lot of money without having anything to sell? Well they do. And apparently, it’s you. You’re the product of Facebook.

Currently the biggest, the social network boasts nearly two billion users, and offers a staggering amount of content from other users that surely keeps most of us using the app/website for many hours each day. And it’s not slowing down as the company is looking to further their current effort to keep us on-site even longer albeit on other properties like Instagram and Messenger.

The more time users use the website and app. The more data it can collect from all of us. This data is what the company is giving to advertisers and that’s the money they get from them to keep the company running. In order to increase our chances with ads – thus fueling advertiser demand that keeps Facebook earning revenue – it has to be pretty damn good at placing each of us into neat little boxes.

But Facebook is not keeping those boxes a secret. Here’s what it looks like:

I checked the categories that Facebook thinks I like and I think that it’s more than enough for the advertisers to know if I’m going to like their products or not. Knowing the fact that they don’t know me personally, they could do a decent job of describing who I am, and what are the things that I like. At a glance, they know that I love smartphones, laptops, latest tech news, cars, Dota 2 and Overwatch. Obviously, the predictions on this are made based on pages that I’ve liked, topics that I engage with, what my friends like, location, career focus, and how I interact with the current ads that I’m being shown to.

It’s kind of mind-blowing when you realize that we have come this far on technology and at the same time, it’s scary knowing that someone knows us far better than people with interact with. It’s far more scary when you know that you have the app that you’ve come to love is getting important information from you. Let’s just hope that Facebook won’t do anything aside from helping advertisers target their right audience with all those data.

You can check your ad preference here. It’s pretty straightforward – you’ll be greeted with a number of categories like News and Entertainment, Business and Industry and Technology. And under those tabs, are the topics you most likely want to engage with. You can also delete topics that you want simply by clicking the X button.


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