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9GAG Made A Shrine To Remember All Dead Memes

Memes are the heart and soul of the internet. But they are also a trend, and by nature, have a limited lifespan. That lifespan start with only by a handful of hardcore 9gaggers knowing about them, like an inside joke. They they reach the hot section of 9gag, only to begin their slow descent into the archives of the internet oblivion.

Recognizing that this apparently a problem, 9GAG made a permanent tribute to today’s most popular memes, and buried it somewhere in the desert. Here some photos of the actual ceremony:

Yup, somewhere in the desert, several feet underground, is a rock with Dickbutt, Philosoraptor and the PPAP guy carved on it like some ancient tablet. Check this out:

623,254 members of the 9GAG community voted for their favorite memes, which were then carved on the slab. Just imagine, 2000 years from now, someone actually dug this thing up, think they’ll laugh about it? We hope so.


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