YouTube is getting a face-lift! But instead of bombarding you with a finished redesign, they are asking you—nicely—to try it if you like. This you can do by following this link right here.

A few weeks ago, users have discovered a “secret” Dark Mode in YouTube that completely changes the look of the homepage. As it turns out, YouTube has been developing the redesign for an easier and more pleasant user experience.

Luckily, YouTube is able to follow through on this. The new design is crisper, more evenly spaced, and aesthetically more pleasing. I have been trying it for months now and YouTube has just pushed this splash page explaining why the new design is special. “This new desktop design highlights your favorite videos and creators while making YouTube easier and more fun to use,” as noted in the page.

The tl;dr is that YouTube is making these changes for a less cluttered and faster website. Which makes sense. It desperately needs to improve its products on every aspect in light of the unseemly climate it has between its creators and advertisers.

Here’s a quick visual representing the change of quality in the YouTube homepage.

YouTube Wants You To Test Out Its Major UI Redesign

Try out the new YouTube UI here.


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