Mexican teenager Julian Rios Cantu has recently developed a bra that can help detect breast cancer. At only 18 years old, Julian is a passionate individual driven by his desire to help women fight breast cancer early.

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This drive comes from an experience 5 years ago where he almost lost his mother to the said disease. The tumor quickly grew in a span of a few months and he hoped if the diagnosis was only done earlier, that they could have done something to somehow stop or even to delay it.

Julian Rios Cantu developed a bra called ‘Eva’ that detects temperature, texture, and color changes on the skin. The bra is connected to an app that measures that. The tumor increases blood flow in the breast and hopefully through this bra, users can see if there are anomalies then quickly get diagnosed and treated.

This bra is not yet available to the public as Julian continues to experiment and improve its technology. However, we can see how the bra works on their website.


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