If you stayed at home during the BTS Wings Tour Manila, here are some fancam snippets you can watch to, well, ease the pain.

The BTS Wings Tour Manila was a successful 2-day concert held at the MOA Arena last May 6 and 7. According to some fans, as much as they would love to fancam most of the concert highlights, officials were really strict with cameras. Here are a variety of clips from performances to BTS members making silly faces on the big screen.

Jimin saying “Gigil niyo si ako”

Jimin is such a cutie! Gigil din kami sa iyo!

Philippine ARMYs singing along perfectly because that’s what we do best!

The most emotional part of every K-Pop concert really is seeing all the fans sing along perfectly with the group’s song. Oh well, we can sing at home. *cries in Korean*

Jungkook speaking Tagalog

Yes because the golden maknae can’t get any better. This is a clip of him saying “Gusto kong madalas kang makita. Lagi tayong magkasama. Araw-araw mahal ko kayo.” I just cried

A compilation of BTS members speaking in Tagalog

If Jungkook’s wasn’t enough, here’s a compilation of the members speaking our language. Maraming salamat, BTS!

This clip of BTS dancing Fire

No fancam list is complete without a fancam of one of their performances!

BTS performing Not Today

So apparently the concert started with Not Today and it was the most amazing ever.

That moment V showered us all with his beauty

May pa-holy water pa si mayor! Don’t mind if I do.

This cam that seems only inches away from BTS!

It’s so near! And they’re so flawless!

Taehyung doing silly faces


And just in case you didn’t get that

Jin reaching out to the fans for a Jungkook meme

This is Jin literally reaching his hand out to the fans so he can grab a cut-out photo of Jungkook’s derp face. He’s so happy.

This N.O. performance snippet

Completely ded.

Yoongi’s part in Blood Sweat & Tears

When Yoongi makes you sing, you sing. And you cry.

BTS performing I Need U

That synchronization.

Jimin and that body roll

Jimin is love. Jimin is life.

The Philippine Flag ocean glimmering yellow, blue, red, and white

This is so breathtakingly beautiful! The Philippines ARMYs really are one of a kind.

*Featured Image: PilipinasPopcorn


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