Overwatch is one of those games that’s really becoming a trend because it’s a combination of two popular games: Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Even though the game is turning one soon, the hype train is still not losing steam with over 30 million players globally. And because I’ve become so immersed with the game and the community, I’ve listed down 5 beginner tips to help you start Overwatch. Maybe I’ll also create an advanced guide soon, but for now, here are 5 tips for Overwatch if you want to be competitive.

Find a Main Character

There may have been an ongoing issue whether a “one-trick pony” is acceptable in the community. But don’t mind that first as that certain issue is just for the competitive scene. If you’re starting out the game, I suggest you try all the heroes that are available in the current pool and find one that you’re comfortable with. Then start from there. Identify what kind of play style you’re good with and enhance your skills in that department. If you’re used to FPS games Call of Duty and Battlefield, heroes like Solder:76 and Mcree will make you feel the same gameplay. If you previously played Team Fortress, you can try out the fast-paced Tracer or the destructive Bastion. If you’re familiar with Pudge and Enigma from Dota 2, be sure to try out Roadhog and Zarya as they have similar skills. Generally speaking, try all the characters and with the colorful roster of Overwatch, I’m sure that you’ll find the perfect hero for you.

Overwatch is a Team-centric Game

I’m going to put this out here: If you want to win an Overwatch game, playing like a team is the key. It sounds clichéd, but with the game being an FPS, you’ll generally feel that playing solo and not minding your team isn’t so much important. Unlike Dota 2 being a MOBA, you’ll be greeted with a team-based game. With that, the general tip is to focus on communication. If you’re playing a game where no one is talking to each other, break the ice and greet your teammates, even using in-game emojis is fine, as long as you’re communicating. Be sure to let your team know that there’s an enemy Genji flanking to kill the back line and be sure to know if you killed an enemy support so you can be all aggressive to take the point. If you see an opportunity, shout it out! Don’t be shy.

Do your Job and know everyone’s Role

As I mentioned earlier, each Overwatch hero has a very specific set of skills and each of them has a key role that they must fulfill in order to win a game. After you pick your main hero, study their role and what is the most effective playstyle. If you’re Reinhardt, always get in the front line, put your shield up and protect your teammates. If you’re Mercy, stay in the back and keep your healing ray on injured allies, if no one is injured, stick to your damage dealer and boost the heck out of his damage.

But you also should know the roles of your teammates. If you have a Reinhardt at your team, be sure to use his shield and just stack behind it. If you have a Mercy in your team, don’t call her out to heal you if you’re way out of your position. Instead, you must make your effort to go to your healer. Don’t stray to far expecting your healer to go out of his/her way to heal you. Yes I’m talking to you Genji-mains.

Don’t forget this Objective.

Overwatch has a number of game modes and different objectives. Killing off the enemies may still be the key point of the game, but if you want to win, accomplish your objectives. If you’re playing an Escort game, be sure to stick to the payload to make it move and don’t be too aggressive with your team that you totally forgot that you have to move it. If you’re stopping the payload, take the high ground on the map and take the height advantage to kill of enemies. Don’t just go charging at the payload to stop as you will have the disadvantage. If you playing the king of the hill, be sure to capture the point by standing at the point itself. Don’t be aggressive attack the enemies spawn point as you will have a disadvantage, take your tame on taking the objective and don’t go by yourself.

Be sure to use the map to your advantage

Overwatch is a game that has maps that you can use to help you kill enemies. It has open-areas that you can use if your hero has a great area-of-effect damage like Zarya and Reinhardt. You can use choke points to spam damage because enemies are sure to pass there, so spam bombs using Junkrat or setup turrets with Symmetra and Torbjorn. There are also high grounds that you can as a sniping point with Widowmaker and Hanzo. Also, be sure to use the walls to navigate with Genji, D.Va and Hanzo. Using the map to your advantage will increase your chances on winning.

And that’s about it. Those are the tips to help you get started in Overwatch. If you have any more questions or want some tips on a certain character, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. I’ll also create an advanced guide on the game and Overwatch hero guides in the future so be sure to watch that out.

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