An accident struck during a dance number in the Pokemon World Festival in Incheon, South Korea earlier this week, as the lead Pikachu began to deflate during their “You Can’t Stop The Beat” dance number. Fortunately, an elite squad, which we are also calling Team Rocket, was standing by to the rescue.

The incident occurs at the one minute mark of the video above which was posted in YouTube by Green Lime. As the Pikachu began to deflate that horrified and amused the crowd, team rocket took their chance and grabbed the Pikachu.

The reasons behind the deflating Pikachu were unclear but it was most likely pricked somewhere during the whole number. Team rocket attempted to repair the injured Pikachu and tried to return him to the wild during the 4:35 minute mark, but as the song ended, so did the hopes of the Pikachu Leader.


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