A brand known for their monochromatic leather-goods is buying a brand whose signature colors are brights and pastels. That’s actually the first thing that came into mind before asking myself why Coach was buying Kate Spade New York for $2.4 billion.

Honestly, I am not the person you should be asking for bag advice, but I am familiar with these amazing brands. Older women in my life prefer buying from Coach since their styles are a bit more mature and modern with colors that perfectly match with any outfit you have. The classic browns and blacks pair well with the usual office attire. Though Coach does release designs that are more “fresh” and “young”, they are still a lot different from Kate Spade’s signature styles.


I went into a Kate Spade store one time and if you’re not familiar with the brand already, they have a whole different style. Brightly colored accessories lined up among bags adorned with bows and embellishments. While Coach is in the realm of luxury brands, Kate Spade still has that small boutique brand feel that customers have come to love.

Kate Spade


Reuters has reported that Coach bought Kate Spade to effectively reach the consumers of the younger generation. Coach, of course, will not compromise the aesthetic that Kate Spade has already established for itself. Perhaps it’s just an ‘administrative’ thing? Either way, we hope that although they will be owned by the same company that each will still carry its own signature style for a long time.



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