Monochromatic makeup uses only one or two products for your whole makeup look. Sounds crazy, right? On the contrary, it’s actually a lot more practical than your usual makeup routine. It cuts the makeup application time by half and you might just look presentable enough for a day in the office.

Erin Reimel of Glamour makeup look is for those days you can’t get yourself to put anything on your face but you also feel like looking better than the moment you woke up. You don’t need to ask yourself whether your blue eyeshadow matches your nude lips anymore. This time, it’s simply matching your eyeshadow with your blush and lip color and you’re done!

How it looks

Monochromatic looks only take 3 – 5 minutes and is doable by anyone with one eyeshadow and one lipstick of the same color. But I recommend doing your brows first and applying face primer if you’re not the kind of person who likes to put foundation every day.

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It takes one powder eyeshadow and one lippie.

Take your favorite red, pink, or warm brown powder eyeshadow and pack it on your crease before gradually blending it inwards towards the center of your lids to create a gradient look.

This eyeshadow can also be used as your blush or a bronzer (if you’re using a warm brown shade) to add some color to the face.

Lastly, use a lipstick or lip tint of the same color and just apply it on your lips like how you would usually do it on a lazy day. Personally, I would use a lip color one or two shades deeper than my eyeshadow and blush shade so the face doesn’t look too flat.


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One-product looks

Some YouTubers have attempted to do looks that only use one product so you can also check out how they’ve done it. It’s actually quite amusing! Although it’s not really a one-product makeup look anymore because clearly the brows and base makeup have been done beforehand.


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