Maybe it’s time to change browser and give Opera a chance?

If you’re going to rank the most used internet browsers out there, it would be Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft at the top three. But Opera is finding ways to change that by adding interesting features to its browser. The latest feature now adds a messaging sidebar built directly into the interface. With this, users can now log in to their WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram accounts. Giving everyone the ability to use these messaging services without leaving the browser itself.

This was first implemented in the company’s beta browser called Neon. Now, it’s being transfered to the main browser as part of their visual refresh called Reborn. Aside from the messaging services, they also added some cool animated icons, color themes, and a built-in dark mode.

Opera is an internet browser that’s famous for their built-in-ad-blocking-tool and access to a free and unlimited VPN.


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