We are less than a month away from Apple’s first beta release of the iOS 11. We are very excited to see the next iteration of the famous mobile operating system and we are anxious to see what is in store for us.

Apple may have already set the features for the iOS 11 in stone but this doesn’t stop us from wishing for our own set of enhancements. With that, here are all the features we wish to have for the upcoming iOS 11.

Some of these shouldn’t have been said and should’ve been there a long time ago. But since Apple hasn’t done this yet, let’s start:

  1. A fresh new look. Since the current design has been here for a long time now. We haven’t seen any updates from the current icon design.
  2. Live Icons. Might as well show us some low-key moving icons like the current weather for today.
  3. Ability to place icons anywhere. Please, don’t limit the arrangements, Apple. We want to do some cool organisations.
  4. Sort Apps Alphabetically. While we’re on the subject of arranging icons. It would be nice to have the option to sort homescreen apps alphabetically.
  5. Customize Icon. Also, it would be nice to have an option to change the look of these homescreen icons as we’re getting tired to the current look.
  6. Customize Animation Speed. We really dig the cool animations for the current iOS but it would be nice to set the speed of it just in case we’re in a hurry.
  7. Night Mode. When we first saw the new and cool dark theme from YouTube, we immediately want it to be in iOS too. It’s so cool and would be very useful if we’re in a cinema.
  8. Dark Keyboard. Since we want the Night mode, maybe you could also give us an option to permanently use the dark keyboard you have on some apps?
  9. One Page Control Center. Back in iOS 9, the control center was so easy to use and we think that you took a step back when your released a second page in iOS 10. Please bring it back.
  10.  Dark Control Center. Isn’t it obvious already that we really like a dark theme?
  11. More 3D Touch Options on CC. We really appreciate that we can change the intensity of the flashlight when we 3D-touch it on our Control Center. Maybe you could add more shortcuts to it?
  12. Hold icon to go to Settings app in CC. Here’s a cool idea – what if we can long-press on the Wi-Fi icon on the control center then it would instantly redirect us to the Settings app.
  13. Option to add more shortcuts in CC. We would also like to customize the icons that are available in the Control Center and arrange them. Or if that’s too hard, we just like the ability to turn our data on and off. Please.
  14. Kill the annoying Volume HUD. It’s really distracting. Why do you even need the whole screen to let us know that current volume level? Is it too hard to just put it at the top like Instagram?
  15. Set Default Apps. This has been done by Android for the longest time. We appreciate and actually like the the apps the you give us. But some of us are power-users and already have a third-part app for different situations. Let us use it.
  16. Change reachability to One-handed mode. The double-tap to use reachability is ugly. Why not create a full one-handed mode that shrinks down the display? That’s more useful.
  17. 3D-Touch to clear cache option. Most of us have the base models of the iPhone that has the smallest amount of storage. Why not help us clear the cache so we’ll have more space?
  18. Clear all apps feature. We know, we can clear all apps if we swipe them all up in the task manager. But what if we can swipe up on the homescreen in the task manager to clear all apps? That would be nice and efficient.
  19. Ability to hide Widgets page and Spotlight search. Some of us really don’t need those and sometimes we access it accidentally. Would it hurt if you give us an option to hide it?
  20. Organize Notifications. And while you’re at it, why not group together the notifications according to what app it is so we’ll see it better?
  21. Picture in Picture feature. Apple, your iPhones are already getting bigger. Why not enable the Picture in picture mode like the ones in the iPad?
  22. Split Screen multitasking. Same with the reason above. It’s definitely doable right? I won’t be using this alot, but it’s nice to have.
  23. More camera settings. The photo quality is good but the user-interface is limited. Please give us more options right in the camera app (video fps, photo resolution, aperture, shutter speed, turn on flash while recording, snap while recording)?
  24. Double tap to switch camera. Just like Snapchat and Instagram. Please.
  25. Lock individual apps. We tend to lend our phones to our friends and we would really appreciate it if you could give us an option to lock down certain apps with Touch ID.
  26. Smarter Siri. Siri is lagging behind the personal assistant battle with Alexa and Google Assistant. We need her to have more complex commands.
  27. Offline Siri. And while you’re at it, allow some simple commands for Siri even if we don’t have internet access. I mean, do we really need data if we’re just asking Siri to set our alarm clocks?
  28. Bring back iOS 9 Music App. The app also took a step back with the current iOS. We really like what you did before. Bring it back.
  29. Slide to Unlock option. We really love the lock screen back in iOS 9, and we know that you like the current. So why not just give an option for us?
  30. Fix the copy and paste feature. It’s buggy.
  31. Remove low-power alert. It’s distracting. You can just automatically switch to power-saving mode when we hit the 20% battery. You can just remind us when we’re at 10%.
  32. Keyboard Haptic Feedback. You have an amazing haptic feedback motor. It would be nice if we can feel it while pressing keyboard keys.
  33. Don’t remove Wallpapers. I mean, would it hurt to have many wallpaper options? We actually liked the wallpapers that you removed.
  34. Add more Dynamic / Live Wallpapers. You made this a trend. Why have you stopped adding them?
  35. More iMessage effects. Or if you’re too lazy creating them, why not just let third-party developers to create them?
  36. Revise Call screen. We hate it when we get a call, we couldn’t actually use our phone. Why not just put it at the top so we could still use it?
  37. Improve Apple Maps. It’s broken. Please fix it.
  38. Whitelist Apps for screen orientation lock. We really hate that we have to unlock the orientation for watching a YouTube video. Can’t we just choose the apps that we want to?
  39. More Photo Info. Tell us more about the photo we took. Like the actual size and resolution.
  40. Gifs in Photos app. It’s working in the Messages app, why not in the Photo app too?
  41. Restart Phone feature. What if we hold the power button and have multiple options? Like restart and respring? Because most of the time, we just wanted to restart our phone, not shut it down.
  42. Send files to any device. Why are you locking out the other devices? We can’t control what devices our friends use. Come on.
  43. Nest folders option. Is it really too hard to put folders within folders? Some of us really want our homescreen organized.
  44. Option to choose default page in Notification Center. We don’t like the today page, actually.
  45. Enhance Keyboard. Can you also add a swipe feature to the default keyboard? We really like the look of the default one, but the features are too simple.
  46. Built-in Translator in Safari. Some of us really dig Safari, but we also want the translator found in Google Chrome.
  47. Access the Apple File System. We know, it’s impossible. But we can dream, right?
  48. Use Apple Mouse on Ipad. Remember that you like to convert the iPad to a laptop? This is the key.
  49. Set songs as Ringtone. We’re getting tired of the current ringtones. Please let us have our own.
  50. RAW support on Camera. You also want us to use your camera instead of a regular camera, right? Well, RAW support is a nice thing to have for professional photographers.

And there you have it. Think we missed something? Sound off in the comments section below and maybe Apple will read this.



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