Stephen King is having quite the year. A remake of the 1990 T.V. movie It, rightly revered by horror hounds as a modern classic, is coming on September 7th. The hotly-anticipated film adaptation of his magnum opus The Dark Tower is coming a bit earlier in August. King has two books scheduled for release: the “Castle Rock” novella Gwendy’s Button Box; and the novel Sleeping Beauties, which he co-wrote with his son, Owen King.

All of these are happening in 2017, but there’s one that I’m quite excited about. The T.V. adaptation of one of King’s best stories, The Mist. It has been announced way back, but we’re only getting the gory tidbits—literal bits of grotesquerie!—today.

They come in the form of a minute-long trailer, which highlights the paranoia in which the stranded townsfolk succumb to. If the glimpses of gore in the trailer is indicative of what the show is going to be, it looks like we’re going to get an iteration of the story much bloodier than the 2007 Frank Darabont film.

Watch the new trailer:

The Mist premieres on Spike June 22nd.


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