Did you ever clicked on an interesting link on Facebook, only to find yourself being redirected to some crappy website that’s full of ads? I’m sure we all did. Luckily, Facebook is improving their artificial intelligence to find those websites and remove them on our news feed.

Last year, Facebook made a statement and a promise to clean our news feed of spammy websites that only meant to gain money. Now, the big social media platform is doubling their efforts to find those links. Facebook stated that they used AI to analyze “hundreds of thousands” of link to determine low-quality pages with “a large number of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads.”

As an developer, I can fairly say that creating an ad-filled website and promoting it on Facebook to gain money is easy to do. With that, I really appreciate Facebook’s effort to get rid of this ad-bloated sites and give us real, organic ones that we would actually like to see.



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