If it is significantly hard for you to find mom a good Mother’s Day gift, chances are she already has everthing. Combine that with an 8-hour work day and one part-time job, then you have little to no chance against mom’s twenty pairs of shoes. Here are some last-minute mother’s day gift ideas for the moms who already have everything. 


You can’t go wrong with the classic mixtape. Fill a CD or a USB with mom’s favorite songs or better yet, sing them yourself! It’s a great way to showcase your amazing singing, guitar, or piano skills while tugging on your mom’s heartstrings. If you’re lucky, she’ll probably play it in the car on her way to work too.


Punny cards

Dad jokes are for moms too. Team up with your dad to give mom the corniest most cringe-worthy card I bet your mom will find funny enough to laminate or frame. Not punny enough? There are a bunch of puns online that you can turn into amazing cards. Pinterest is your friend!

Mother’s Day breakfast

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies creates a scrumptious meal for mom’s special day in this video. Get a little extra and shape the food into cute hearts or flowers and serve them to your mom on Mother’s Day morning. Maybe try to make her signature meal or pastry. Don’t worry, if you’re not confident enough you can always buy her favorite meal for take out and serve that. With a Mother’s Day card, of course for added effort.



I really love this paper cutting artwork by Hey Kessy owner Mansy Abesamis. They are lyrics to an old Ilokano song that most, if not every, Ilokano would know. I sang it to my grandmother once because I needed translation, and she immediately recognized it.

Mansy Abesamis

For this Mother’s Day, maybe write down lyrics to her favorite song and frame it! You can print it or do calligraphy, whichever way works best for you. It might just have a place on your wall or your mom’s desk next week.


I practice photography whenever I have the chance to do so. It’s a work in progress, but I’m glad it’s coming together. I’m in a ditch right now so I’m thinking of printing my photos out and keeping them in a scrapbook or something. For Mother’s Day, I immediately thought of making a photobook out of all the photos I took of her and the places we went to, but I’m 110% sure she’s reading this right now so off to Plan B!

If you practice photography too or even if you don’t, you can get your photos printed stick a post-it of whatever story that photo has at the back of every single one then put them all in a dainty box to give to your mom. Only a few people print photos nowadays since the rise of Facebook albums so give this one a try!

Mother’s Day 2017 in the Philippines is on Sunday, May 14, 2017.


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