Allure recently featured a rainbow highlighter by Chaos Makeup that is a far different from all the other rainbow highlighters before it. Unlike its predecessors, Chaos Makeup finally came up with a formula that goes on clear when applied and only shows a shimmery metallic rainbow when light hits it.

Rainbow highlighters can be stunning, but when viewed from the front it sometimes just looks like random blue blush. While these highlighters are usually recommended for festival looks and editorial makeup, it would be a ton more fun if we could use it for everyday.

Looks great but only when you turn to the side, tbh.

This is the reason why Chaos Makeup, a Texas-based cruelty-free handcrafted makeup brand, came up with a formula that makes the rainbow highlight look good no matter how many times you tilt you head. This is their pressed highlighter in Kaleidoscope. For maximum mermaid dreaming, they even place their highlighters in a nice seashell compact.

Just look at how it applies! So iridescent!

While some highlighters might not show up in the dark, the Kaleidoscope looks just as great on low lighting conditions.

This highlighter was also formulated to complement any skin tone.

Can’t stop staring at them!

The Kaleidoscope highlighter by Chaos Makeup is priced at $26 on the Chaos Makeup website.


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