Singer-songwriter Lorde posted an Instagram photo of herself a week ago and everyone still can’t get over her intense cheekbone contour. We know chiseled cheekbones are kind of the way to go but we didn’t think Lorde would rock a super sharp contour for an everyday makeup look.

What’s her secret? No, not the newly released bronzer and contour palettes. It’s actually just an optical illusion created by her wavy hair. It’s quite easy to spot actually, but to this day it still plays tricks on us making it super convincing. No wonder Lorde captioned it with ‘alien says hello!’.

alien says hello!

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Although this was just an illusion, Lorde already has naturally high and defined cheekbones so for some reason even if she did contour it this extremely, it would still have been a good look for her next to that mesmerizing ocean blue shimmer eyeshadow.


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