Among all their high-quality products, here are the best eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics!

It’s usually a pain shopping on the BH Cosmetics website. While you can get some of their products at Ulta, their whole makeup line can only be found on their site which means no convenience of swatching.

I’ll break it to you though – everything really is tempting. It’s a brand with great looking eyeshadow palettes, some even in designed as galaxies, planets, and mermaid shells. So this is why we’ll give you short guide to help you out somehow.

Be… by Bubzbeauty ($14.50)

Popular beauty YouTuber Bubzbeauty or Lindy Tsang came up with this dainty eyeshadow palettes with colors you can use any time of day. She opted for a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow instead of a pitch black one to achieve a softer look. The colors aren’t too pigmented which makes them easy to blend and to build up.

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Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale ($10.99)

Ashley Tisdale’s palette has been a BH Cosmetics best seller for quite some time. Though the larger ones correspond naturally to the cheek colors, BH Cosmetics’ formula makes it perfectly fine to apply them on your eyelids. This palette is the complete deal. It comes with 9 stunning brown eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter.

Wild & Alluring Baked Eyeshadow & Highligter Palette ($8.99)

The bright shimmery colors on this palette makes it the go-to one if you’re about to turn yourself into a mermaid. The baked eyeshadows each contain two to three colors you can mix together to form a unique shade. The highlighting shade is an intense warm gold. The blush, while it looks too bright of a pink shade, gives your cheeks its natural flush and glow.

Take Me To Brazil ($12.99)

This rainbow eyeshadow palette the must-have. No need for those 48-color palettes from BH Cosmetics because these colors really are the only ones you need. Take Me To Brazil features shimmer, satin, and matte highly-pigmented shadows for your festival look.

Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow ($11.99)

I would say this is BH Cosmetics’ most popular eyeshadow palette. The pigmentation in these baked eyeshadows are really out of this world, though I’m not quite sure if you’d love them for everyday. While the Wild & Alluring palette features pastel shades, the Galaxy Chic has browns, blacks, and greys so you can bring them with you to work and play.

Reach for the stars with our #GalaxyChic Palette. (📸 : @dajanaerd) #BHCosmetics

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