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Nintendo Might Be Developing A ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Smartphone Game

A ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Smartphone Game Is Apparently In The Works

Nintendo is doubling down on mobile, in case that’s not clear yet.

There is a new ‘Legend of Zelda’ game in the works. And it’s for your phone.

In case it isn’t obvious, Nintendo is trying out different platforms for the first time. Most specifically, mobile. Super Mario Run—odd pricing structures notwithstanding—is an inarguably successful title with millions of downloads. To follow up with another insanely popular title is only sensible.

Nintendo Might Be Developing A ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Smartphone Game

The new ‘Zelda’ game, however, has big shoes to fill. Based on what I’ve seen, the latest ‘Zelda’ game, ‘Breath of the Wild’ on Switch, is a literal game-changer. I am, more than anything, curious to see where Nintendo takes ‘Zelda’ in the realm of mobile gaming.

These are all just rumors of course, and one that Nintendo hasn’t commented about yet. They come from The Wall Street Journal, who cites unnamed sources saying that a mobile game for Animal Crossing will come first later this year, followed by the ‘Zelda’ game in March of 2018.


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