Thanks to Doughnut Plant owner Mark Isreal, you can finally eat a whole bouquet of flowers. Well clearly this wasn’t Mark’s real reason for making them, but I’d like to think that it is. Doughnut Plant just came up with Rose Doughnuts or ‘Doughflowers’, layers of dough shaped into petals and arranged to form, yep you guessed it, a rose. After cooking, the dougnut is dipped in one out of three flavors, these being strawberry, Italian blood orange, and rose, as initially reported by Delish

The new #cronut ? From @doughnutplant #doughflower

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From a person who really doesn’t like being given bouquets for special occasions, a box of doughflowers or rose doughnuts would be the perfect gift. They’re adorable, bigger than the tiny doughnuts we have here in Manila, and most importantly they’re edible.

This giant edible rose quickly flooded everyone’s Instagram feeds. The doughflower’s unique look and flavors was a hit to every curious buyer. Each doughnut is almost the size of an average person’s palm, if you were wondering, and costs $5. These came in just in time for Mother’s Day but was and still is only available in Doughnut Planet branches in the United States.

Get your mom some flowers. Moms love flowers. 🌹🍩 📍: @doughnutplant

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We’re hopeful popular doughnut places in the Philippines will soon feature the doughflower as fast as they were able to bring home the croughnut.

hey, flowers can come in all different forms 😉 || pc: @mikejchau

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My heart in my hand

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