Curly Guy Dawan Pearson launched his channel last 2011 when he decided to stop chemically relaxing his hair and finally embraced his naturally curly locks. He is graced with long curls that could go on for days, and they will thanks to his dedication to hair care.

In an interview with Allure Curly Guy shares his tips for the best maintenance processes for naturally curly hair. With over 16,000 subscribers on the Tube, Dawan Pearson is the curly guy to subscribe to if you’re having troubles keeping your locks in the best condition.

Curly Guy also revealed that the secret to the best hair is through deep conditioning. It moisturizes your hair and keeps your scalp from drying out, and that’s why he has decided to keep his shampoo usage to a minimum only using it to clarify his hair.

He also emphasizes on the importance of loving your natural hair. You would only be damaging your hair if you continue to have it go through processes that are not suitable for you. Also, Curly Guy believes that hair isn’t supposed to subscribe to societal binaries – that being hair for women and hair for men.


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