Nars just released two more Orgasms for all of us and we’re hooked. The Orgasm shade has been a bestseller abroad and even here in the Philippines, selling out fast in online beauty platforms such as BeautyMNL. While Orgasm has already won us with their amazing powder blush, nail polish, lip gloss, liquid illuminator/highlighter, and the Multiple, Nars is far from done. The two new products in the bestselling shade are a lipstick and a liquid blush.

The collection is aptly named ‘NARS Orgasm: Have More Than One’ because yes, only one Nars Orgasm isn’t enough. It features every item the brand has in the shade but highlights two new additions.

The liquid blush  is a new formula that will stay on even if you’re sweating buckets in this summer heat. According to Bustle, a little of this product goes a long way. Because it is a glossy pink with a gold glow, it’s likely that it will look too glossy and shiny. The article also suggests you use a makeup setting spray to keep it on and keep it natural.


The Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm is priced at $30 on the Nars Cosmetics website.

The satin lipstick in Orgasm looks exactly like its powder blush version. The blush is known to complement many, if not all, skin tones and it is most likely that this Orgasm on your lips will do the same.

The Nars Satin Lipstick in Orgasm is priced at $28 on the Nars Cosmetics website


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